About My Collection

My interest in fire alarms stems off of a fear that I had when I was in elementary school of fire drills. Because of this fear, I paid special attention to fire alarms, noting where they were in a room, if they “looked like the loud type or not”, and so forth. Eventually, this cause of this attention turned from fear into curiosity as I noticed and began to observe the differences in different types and brands of alarms. I remember one day deciding to look up “fire drills” on YouTube just for the heck of it, and it didn’t take long to discover that there were people out there who actually collected these things.

I remember ordering two items off of eBay – a RSG RJRMS-1T-KL pull station and a Wheelock NS4-2430W Horn/Strobe – just to be able to mess around with. I especially thought that it would be cool to legally set off a fire alarm. Instead of just settling with two, I’ve kept finding interesting devices and have built up a decently sized collection since then, and I’m still on the lookout for devices to add to it.

About This Website

I’ve had an interest in web design and development since around the same time that my interest in fire alarms started, and although I didn’t come up with the idea, showing off my collection on a website seemed like a fun thing to do. I experimented around a little bit with different pre-made websites powered by services such as Webs.com and Google Sites, before finally developing my own designs and making my own engine for the website. However, as my life has become increasingly busier, and as my primary focus has shifted to other websites and online services, I’m using WordPress to power this version of the website, and honestly, I am extremely happy with the result.

About Me

More information about me can be found on my personal website.